9:04 ~Silverstream Zelda: *The next morning, sleeps leaning against Link* 9:06 To Bluetopia Link: (playing flute-like music on Ocarina ) 9:07 ~Silverstream

  • shifts and lifts head up* ...that's lovely...

9:08 To Bluetopia (stops playing) ....good morning.... was i a nice pillow? (smirks slightly) 9:10 ~Silverstream were a little bony *smirks back* 9:10 To Bluetopia snore, you know that right? 9:11 ~Silverstream ....I was unaware 9:11 To Bluetopia i think people were too polite to tell you, Prince- Zelda.... 9:13 ~Silverstream

  • chuckles* Either that, or I do not spend nights with others very often...

9:13 To Bluetopia well, i don't either (laughs awkwardly) 9:16 ~Silverstream First time for everything? 9:17 To Bluetopia (nods and looks around) i can see the mountains... 9:19 ~Silverstream

  • looks out as well and smiles* Such a nice day... I almost hate to finish the journey

9:21 To Bluetopia you'll be getting back to a castle, which has balconies.... you can still experience the day...... 9:22 ~Silverstream is not the same 9:22 To Bluetopia its better than being held prisoner by an insane green skinned thief.... 9:23 ~Silverstream Well... No argument from me there 9:26 To Bluetopia (Epona begins walking up side of hill) if that exact thing happens again, i'll blame you. The warning signs were there I'm sure (smirks and nudges her with elbow) 9:27 ~Silverstream

  • scoffs and pokes him* You might blame me, but that will not stop you from saving me

9:28 To Bluetopia its my role in life, save the princess. It could be worse, i could be a pottery maker.... in my hometown.... 9:30 ~Silverstream ...and you would promptly destroy your own merchandise 9:30 To Bluetopia (nods) exactly. That's no way to live 9:35 ~Silverstream Oh, who taught you how to play the Ocarina? I meant to ask... 9:36 To Bluetopia its a long story..... (approaches top of hill) one we might not have time for 9:38 ~Silverstream Oh, I see... 9:38 To Bluetopia (Epona reaches top of hill, overlooking Castle ahead) 9:39 ~Silverstream Home,.. *smiles softly* 9:40 To Bluetopia (nods) and as far as I'm going (jumps off Epona and holds hand out towards her) 9:41 ~Silverstream ...Won't you join me the rest of the way? 9:42 To Bluetopia (shakes head) as i said, i don't like the attention 9:45 ~Silverstream Oh, of course... Well... Until next time? 9:46 To Bluetopia (steps back and bows) until the next time 9:47 ~Silverstream

  • curtsies and turns toward castle* Stay Spontaneous...

9:48 To Bluetopia .....err.... keep being graceful? (smirks slightl)

  • slightly

9:49 ~Silverstream

  • chuckles* I will try.. *walks away*

9:50 To Bluetopia .....Stay Safe, Zelda 9:50 ~Silverstream

  • not hearing him* KEEP YOURSELF SAFE...

9:51 To Bluetopia (smiles to self and gets on Epona) home...