Tim: (looks down) there's..... been something I've been meaning to ask you

Nina: And, what's that?

Tim: do you remember when we where in new York.... and I told you there was something I wanted to ask you before that robot showed up?

Nina: *nods quickly* yeah?

Tim: do.... you know what I was going to say?

Nina: I... Think I have a pretty good idea... But say it anyway *smirks slightly*

Tim: ....ok (gets down on one knee) Miss Nina Eileen.... will you marry me?

Nina: *tears up* yes... Yes Timothy Keegan, I will!

Tim: (stands up and kisses her) (whispers) it would've been weird if i was a girl when i asked anyways (smirks slightly)

Nina: *giggles* a little... God I love you...

Tim: (hugs her) we.... may need to go to earth for it

Nina: What, no marriage ceremonies here? That's lame *smirks*

Tim: yeeeahhhh (smirks back)

Nina: Well then what are we waiting for? *bites her lip*

Tim: absolutely nothing!