Joker: *driving Jokermobile through streets of Gotham, grinning wildly* OH THE CITY, THE LIGHTS, THE PEOPLE..... THE SHEER INTOXICATION... 4:53 ~Silverstream Harley: *arm propped up on car door* WHO NEEDS ALCOHOL WHEN YA GOT THE SCREAMS OF THE PEOPLE RUNNIN' THROUGH THE STREET?! 4:54 To Bluetopia

  • lowers tone* this *moves car to sidewalk, and speeds up, hitting people in the process*

4:55 ~Silverstream

  • squeals and opens window, sticks head out of it* SEE YA LATER, SUCKERS! GET WELL SOON! *laughs loudly*

4:56 To Bluetopia

  • also sticks head out of window* WE'LL SEND YOU A GET WELL CARD! *hits and runs over fire hydrant, jolting car*

4:58 ~Silverstream

  • squawks in surprise, then grins* I hope ya got insurance...

4:58 To Bluetopia

  • steers back onto road* OH HARL, I CAN JUST AFFORD NEW PARTS.... *strokes bottom of her chin* THATS WHAT OUR LINE OF WORK ALLOWS

5:01 ~Silverstream Break a fender? Rob a bank. Need new explosives? Mug some rich folks in an alley! HA, IT'S BEAUTIFUL 5:02 To Bluetopia

  • leans over and kisses her* LIKE YOURSELF, if I may be so forward as ta' say so

5:03 ~Silverstream

  • giggles* You may.... *sighs wistfully* Ya got that gleam in your eyes again...

5:05 To Bluetopia

  • leans back and stares ahead* and what gleam might that be? I CANT HELP IT IF SOMETIMES MY PUPILS GLOW WHITE....

5:07 ~Silverstream

  • smirks* That gleam when ya know that the world is your oyster.... It's all yours, ours for the takin'.... It's that gleam ya get when I couldn't be more glad ta' be right here with you....

5:09 To Bluetopia

  • laughs and grins* BEST PLACE TO BE, BABY..... *looks over to her* so.... hows about we.... take this chariot into maximum overdrive? *begins laughing again*

5:09 ~Silverstream

  • grins* I dunno exactly what that means.... SO HIT IT!

5:10 To Bluetopia

  • hits foot on pedal and car begins to speed up. Continues to laugh*

5:16 ~Silverstream

  • throws head back and laughs with him* WE'RE THE FAST N' FURIOUS!

5:18 To Bluetopia AND NOTHING'S SLOWING US DOWN *begins speeding around different cars* so.... tell me Harl..... should I go to maximum speed now? *begins to laugh louder* 5:19 ~Silverstream

  • nods* C'mon, Puddin'..... DO IT!

5:20 To Bluetopia

  • puts foot down so car is driving at maximum speed. Sound of loud engine noises behind. Looks out of window* Ohh.... We have got company

5:22 ~Silverstream

  • looks in rearview mirror and grins widely* Batsy, Batsy, Batsy....

5:23 To Bluetopia

  • Batmobile pursues at top speed. Batman ejects from Batmobile and lands on top of Jokermobile*

5:24 ~Silverstream

  • rolls eyes and grabs pistol* Stupid Bats, YOU'RE RUINING DATE NIGHT! *begins shooting at the roof of car*

5:25 To Bluetopia

  • swerves car down street to try and get him off* WOOH, SOMEONE SURE IS PERSISTENT TONIGHT

5:26 ~Silverstream WHY IS HE STILL THERE? *screams through roof* YOU'RE SUPPOSED TA' BE DEAD! 5:28 To Bluetopia

  • drives by Gotham waterside* how about..... we make him fishfood?

5:29 ~Silverstream Oooooh..... Throw him off, an' hope there's somethin' real nasty down there! ...Do piranha fish live on the coasts of Gotham? 5:30 To Bluetopia

  • rolls eyes* sadly not.... *begins shakily driving car by waterside, attempting to get more momentum to shake Batman off. Car becomes more unstable"

6:18 ~Silverstream

  • holds onto door railing* I can feel him... HE'S LOSIN' HIS GRIP....

6:20 To Bluetopia

  • tire bursts, and car spins out of control* ....WELL THAT WAS UNEXPECTED.... I SUGGEST WE ABANDON SHIP

6:21 ~Silverstream

  • tugs at door handle* DAMN IT, IT'S LOCKED UP ON ME!

6:22 To Bluetopia

  • Doesn't hear her in chaos, opens door and jumps out, rolling when hits ground*

6:23 ~Silverstream

  • shrieks* MISTAH J! *tries to scramble over to his open door*

6:25 To Bluetopia

  • car crashes through barriers, falling down into ocean*

6:26 ~Silverstream

  • gulps air before going under, and struggles to move around car interior*

6:27 To Bluetopia

  • moments go by, until sound of someone diving into water above her*

6:28 ~Silverstream

  • slows to a still, hands pressed flat against windshield, looking out*

6:30 To Bluetopia Batman: *wearing oxygen breather, appears at windshield* 6:30 ~Silverstream

  • screams out, releasing the oxygen she was holding in. Tries to back up further into car*

6:31 To Bluetopia 6:31 To Bluetopia

  • smashes windshield. reaches in and grips her wrist*

6:33 ~Silverstream

  • struggles against him, gulping in water, teeth bared in fear*

6:34 To Bluetopia

  • begins pulling her out of car wreck*

6:34 ~Silverstream

  • lunges forward and tries to bite him*

6:35 To Bluetopia

  • removes grapple gun from belt, and shoots it towards the surface, both lift up into the air and back onto the sidewalk*

6:36 ~Silverstream

  • blacks out before reaching the surface. Does not appear to be breathing*

6:38 To Bluetopia

  • places her on ground, rips off breather and begins to perform CPR*

6:39 ~Silverstream

  • coughs up water and begins gasping in air*

6:41 To Bluetopia

  • executes a punch, that knocks her out. picks her up in arms and begins walking to batmobile*