Lois: *sits at her desk very focused, typing up article* 11:52 To Bluetopia Clark: (adjusts tie and sits opposite her, clears throat) 11:53 ~Silverstream

  • small smirk* Hello Mr. Kent...

11:54 To Bluetopia ....Miss Lane (adjusts glasses) how is your story coming along? 11:54 ~Silverstream Fine thank you... *keeps eyes on screen* I am in the proverbial zone.... 11:55 To Bluetopia to share? 11:56 ~Silverstream

  • slowly looks at him* ....You'll see in due time *keeps typing*

11:57 To Bluetopia (lowers tone) any criticism? 11:58 ~Silverstream

  • clears throat and gives him a stern warning glare*

11:59 To Bluetopia (stares at her) ....does the title have alliteration? 11:59 ~Silverstream

  • snorts and covers face with hands* Clark....

12:00 To Bluetopia because if there, is Lois, i swear to god.... (smirks slightly) 12:01 ~Silverstream .....Well it started out as "Superman Steadily Saves Civilians" Wait.... 12:01 To Bluetopia cant actually use that 12:03 ~Silverstream Oh I know that! *tosses pen at him* Maybe if my dear coworker would shut up, I could come up with something better... Just a thought *smiles sweetly* 12:03 To Bluetopia (shrugs innocently and starts clicking pen) 12:04 ~Silverstream

  • inhales sharply* ....CLARK!

12:05 To Bluetopia (raises eyebrow) inside voice, Lois 12:05 ~Silverstream I'm... *shakes head* No, I'm ignoring you now.... 12:07 To Bluetopia (low tone) .....remember to use spellcheck 12:07 ~Silverstream ....Gee thank you, I would never have thought of that on my own 12:08 To Bluetopia well, i happen to know your typing habits.... 12:09 ~Silverstream Oh really? Care to share? 12:11 To Bluetopia misspelt "Letting" once..... two T's, not one 12:12 ~Silverstream ....Well I've seen you mix up "your" and "you're", so.... Hush up 12:13 To Bluetopia well, if you have to be petty about it.... 12:13 ~Silverstream Well you started it... 12:14 To Bluetopia and now your being childish.... 12:15 ~Silverstream Your purposely annoying me is childish.... 12:15 To Bluetopia .......quit jumping to conclusions 12:16 ~Silverstream I'm a journalist, it's my job *smirks* 12:17 To Bluetopia well its my too (smirks) 12:17 ~Silverstream So? Maaaaybe you do it too 12:18 To Bluetopia ....then your forgiven 12:18 ~Silverstream ....yay? 12:18 To Bluetopia (snorts) just make sure the article is done right.... 12:19 ~Silverstream ....Ok *stands up and folds laptop* I am going to go, and write this somewhere you cannot find me 12:20 To Bluetopia (looks down at papers on desk) sounds like a dare 12:21 ~Silverstream Mm, if you want to take it that way, be my guest.... *smirks and walks away* 12:21 To Bluetopia (mumbles) it would've been better to just say yes 12:23 ~Silverstream ((Good place to end?))