Let's Go Home

Harley: *in cage cell, sips last of drink from a teacup, a romance novel clutched in her hand. Gets up and walks to espresso machine, sets cup in place and turns machine on. Taps her foot as she waits* 8:21 To Bluetopia

  • wall to the left of her blows up in explosion*

8:22 ~Silverstream

  • screams in surprise, and backs into corner of her cage*

8:24 To Bluetopia

  • through smoke, men in guard uniforms storm room, shooting the guards already in room. They proceed to open up metal cell doors, then begin sawing at her main cell door*

8:25 ~Silverstream

  • shields herself from flying sparks with her arms*

8:26 To Bluetopia

  • door is broken into, and a man in guard uniform steps into her cell. Removes mask and breaths out deeply*

8:29 ~Silverstream

  • stares for a moment in shock, then throws her arms around him and shrieks* PUDDIN'!

8:29 To Bluetopia

  • hugs back and stares ahead* ....Lets go home

8:30 ~Silverstream

  • holds him tighter* I thought.... I thought you were gone! Ya blew up in the chopper!

8:32 To Bluetopia

  • smirks slightly* Now, when have i ever let transport get to me?

8:35 ~Silverstream

  • laughs softly into his shoulder, mixed with a sob* Th-that's a good point.... *sniffles and steps back, grinning* Hey, guess what!

8:35 To Bluetopia

  • leans forward* ....what?

8:36 ~Silverstream We killed the wicked witch! And the girl that was trapped inside, we thought she was dead, but she ripped herself outta the witch's body like a butterfly out of a cocoon! 8:38 To Bluetopia

  • uninterested tone* Well, isn't that just for her... *picks Harley up in arms and begins walking out* ...But as for us..... we need to be leaving

8:42 ~Silverstream

  • shouts up into the air* BYE FLOYD, LATER BOOMERANG!

8:43 To Bluetopia

  • begins walking with a steady pace towards hole in the wall* Made some friends.... have we?

8:52 ~Silverstream Uh-huh! "Honor among thieves", an' all that jazz 8:52 To Bluetopia

  • kisses her forehead* ....well you forget them now..... you've got me

8:54 ~Silverstream

  • gazes at him* I know..... Ya came all this way for me... I was just sayin' goodbye is all....

8:55 To Bluetopia Welll, its rude to say goodbye when the person who travelled across the country, and broke into a High Security prison to rescue you, is rescuing you...... wouldn't ya say so? 9:00 ~Silverstream

  • smirks and kisses him* My bad.... *lays head against his shoulder* I've just gotta lot goin' through my head.... *closes eyes* ....Tell me this is real life

9:02 To Bluetopia Oh, its real...... this is as real as our carriage to freedom ahead.... *walks outside to awaiting helicopter* .....Amazing isn't it.... how they just keep losing these things 9:21 ~Silverstream

  • snorts and opens eyes*'s a mystery! *snickers*

9:22 To Bluetopia

  • runs to helicopter and steps in. Sets her down once inside*

9:25 ~Silverstream

  • straightens her prison uniform* They should really up the security in that place....

9:27 To Bluetopia Oh... they did..... this took a lot of planning.... more than you could ever realize *stares at her, as helicopter takes off* 9:29 ~Silverstream

  • stares back, nodding* Well... thank you.... I really can't say that enough

9:30 To Bluetopia

  • sits in chair and straps self in* .....Did ya really think i was gone?

9:32 ~Silverstream

  • sits beside him and straps in* ....Uh-huh... *looks down at lap* Y'know, I wanted ta' just cry, but... Public appearances, ya know how it is

9:33 To Bluetopia

  • strokes underside of her chin* Oh i understand.... these few months.... trying to get you back...... well lets just say there's a worse hell than being stuck in Arkham....

9:34 ~Silverstream

  • looks up at him* .....How'd ya even find me the first time?

9:37 To Bluetopia I have connections.... and favors to be cashed in.... leading me to one of the guards you may just be familiar with *lowers tone* ...he saw things my way, tooo put it lightly 9:39 ~Silverstream

  • slowly grins* ....that right?

9:41 To Bluetopia .....and then it was a case of defusing the bomb *prods at her neck* 9:42 ~Silverstream

  • hand flies to the back of her neck* They all told me not ta' go! Ya should've seen the look on Waller's face when her bullshit app didn't work!

9:44 To Bluetopia ....that ordeal's over now..... you never need to look back..... *kisses her* 9:48 ~Silverstream

  • kisses back, and tugs on his costume uniform* ....We're totally usin' this for role play sometime, right?

9:50 To Bluetopia I got then named..... Yeah, we're using them *smirks* 9:52 ~Silverstream

  • giggles* I noticed.... Real inconspicuous *pokes name on his suit and smirks*

9:52 To Bluetopia

  • lowers tone* .....its gonna be a real long trip... So maybe rest up....

9:54 ~Silverstream

  • nods* I wanna be home.... *rests head on his shoulder*

9:55 To Bluetopia

  • strokes her hair* We will be..... all will be like before....

9:56 ~Silverstream ....'cept I'm gonna start workin' on my cardio more *closes eyes* 9:56 To Bluetopia ....its nice to be together again.... isnt it? 9:58 ~Silverstream's the best thing since meeting you ta' begin with 9:59 To Bluetopia ....I concur.... i concur, Harl *closes eyes and rests head on hers* 10:01 ~Silverstream ((Scene change?)) 10:01 To Bluetopia ((yep)) ((back to the club?)) 10:03 ~Silverstream ((Yeah, just walking in?)) 10:04 To Bluetopia ((yep)) 10:04 ~Silverstream

  • slowly walks into club and looks around silently, awestruck*

10:05 To Bluetopia ...It hasn't been open since.... that night 10:07 ~Silverstream ....Really? 10:08 To Bluetopia lost its spark.... *stands behind her, massaging her back* ....the kingdom needed its queen 10:12 ~Silverstream

  • eyes water* .....The queen is back

10:13 To Bluetopia

  • flips light switch, and lights fill up club, music begins playing*

10:16 ~Silverstream

  • pulls hair out of pigtails* Ya know..... I don't think it ever looked this beautiful before

10:16 To Bluetopia its the first time again 10:22 ~Silverstream Honestly.... I can't even remember how long it's been 10:22 To Bluetopia ....5 months, 18 days, 22 hours and..... 17 seconds 10:24 ~Silverstream

  • turns around and hugs him tightly, burying her head into his chest*

10:24 To Bluetopia ....welcome home, Harley Quinn

  • wraps arms around her*

10:26 ~Silverstream ....Thanks for bringin' me back.... 10:27 To Bluetopia I'll always bring you back..... and you'll always come back, wontcha? 10:27 ~Silverstream Well sure Puddin'.... Why wouldn't I? 10:28 To Bluetopia ......just checking.... it doesn't hurt to be reassured... 10:29 ~Silverstream

  • smiles* I know the feeling.....

10:30 To Bluetopia

  • slowly hugs her again*

10:32 ~Silverstream ....and... Are you ok? 10:32 To Bluetopia .....I'm fine.... I'm good now 10:34 ~Silverstream It's official..... Like don't get any better than this 10:35 To Bluetopia

  • rubs her shoulder and begins to walks to private area door* ...make yourself comfortable... get used to this place

10:39 ~Silverstream

  • kicks off slippers and walks over to gold beads around booth. Slowly runs her hands over them, gaze focused*

10:39 To Bluetopia

  • stops by door, staring ahead* .....i love you

10:44 ~Silverstream

  • looks around at him* ....I love you, too... Now, forever, an' always

10:45 To Bluetopia

  • silently opens door and exits main area of club*

10:47 ~Silverstream

  • slowly follows, peeking head into private room area*

10:47 To Bluetopia

  • lying on floor alone, eyes closed*

10:49 ~Silverstream

  • walks close, stepping silently, staring at him*

10:50 To Bluetopia

  • low tone* beside me if you want....

10:59 ~Silverstream

  • nods and kneels beside him. Takes a deep breath and lays down on her back*

11:00 To Bluetopia

  • low tone* ....we're just going to stay like this.... for the night

11:04 ~Silverstream .....What is all this? 11:05 To Bluetopia ....its the only way I could relax..... but now your back 11:06 ~Silverstream Now.... Double dose of relax? 11:06 To Bluetopia

  • nods* ....yeah....

11:08 ~Silverstream

  • turns on her side, nuzzling into him* ...I'll need some new clothes.... I ruined my dress that night

11:09 To Bluetopia ....that can be arranged...... everything lost can be replaced..... ....except you *kisses her* 11:11 ~Silverstream

  • chuckles* Nothin' like this can be replaced, or replicated.....

11:12 To Bluetopia that right....... everything will be normal tomorrow 11:15 ~Silverstream We'll open back up? 11:15 To Bluetopia .....yes.... we will 11:17 ~Silverstream An' we'll get people back in here.... And everything will be right 11:18 To Bluetopia .....everything is right........ goodnight.... 11:20 ~Silverstream

  • kisses his cheek* ....goodnight, Puddin'.... Thanks again

11:20 To Bluetopia ......anytime, and always.....