To Bluetopia .....are you holding up ok? 9:56 ~Silverstream

  • nods slowly* I admit though... I was scared yesterday

9:57 To Bluetopia why? Erran and his weird game? 9:57 ~Silverstream Yes! Arlan, he was pointing a gun at me! 9:58 To Bluetopia heeee wouldn't have actually done it, and besi-..... when did you start using my first name? 9:58 ~Silverstream

  • shrugs* Every now and then...

9:59 To Bluetopia (snorts) ok Audree 9:59 ~Silverstream

  • raises eyebrow* what's so funny?

10:00 To Bluetopia nothing... its just..... cute 10:01 ~Silverstream ...Ahem, I am not "cute", I am respected... 10:01 To Bluetopia by who? you aren't an imperial anymore. your not above any of us..... except maybe Erran, but who isn't? 10:02 ~Silverstream

  • opens mouth to protest, but shuts it and growls softly*

10:03 To Bluetopia umm Audree..... do.... do you feel like you belong here? 10:05 ~Silverstream Uh... Why, do I appear as though I feel like a total outsider, still looked at by some as a murderer? 10:05 To Bluetopia ....give it time (slowly holds out hand to her) 10:07 ~Silverstream

  • holds his hand and smiles gratefully* long had it been since you've been here?

10:07 To Bluetopia ....2 years. not that long...... 10:29 ~Silverstream A long time to be away from what you know... *looks around* I get the feeling I have a lot of learning to do... 10:29 To Bluetopia'll adjust... i promise you 10:31 ~Silverstream

  • nods* I should probably... Go and clean myself up

10:31 To Bluetopia (nods) good idea.... see you later? 10:32 ~Silverstream

  • stands* Oh yes... There's no getting rid of me, Sylo *smirks slightly*

10:33 To Bluetopia (raises eyebrow) .....go shower 10:34 ~Silverstream

  • snorts* you too. *leaves room*