Binary Finale

Sylo: (slowly walks to Audree's room door, knocks on it)

Audree: *immediately opens the door, as if she had been waiting right beside it* ...Are we ready?

we're waiting for the order..... but we should go man the guns...

  • nods and shuts door behind her*

(holds out hand to her)

  • takes his hand with a faint smile* We will win this...

....and starting from this point onwards.... I will always be by your side

...I couldn't live if you didn't...

(slowly begins walking) and when this is all over we'll go home....

No more constantly traveling, always having to watch your back... Just Stability and serenity...

Giran: (standing at edge of hallway, salutes the two) good luck guys.... I have full faith in you Sylie, and Audree.... see I do know your name (smirks)

No actually... My name is Alyssa *folds arms and fake a frown*

.....wait, seriously? (taken aback look)

  • snorts* No, I'm messing with you *smirks*

(breathes a

  • sigh of relief)

....yooouuuu've lightened up...

  • shrugs* It happens.

Cyrinity: *comes up beside them* Don't die... Although you both probably already know that

Sylo: I really don't plan to. Besides I trust the pilots of the ship.... despite his attitude, Erran isn't a bad pilot

Audree: *mutters* All his negatives traits are what comes out of his mouth...

Sylo: (smirks) ...see you guys later

Cyrinity: See yaaaaa...

Audree: *walks on, holding Arlan's hand* I really got Giran going there...

you did.... bravo (smirks)

  • chuckles* I feel like I should be concerned for them... But he has Cyrinity. I know she is a force to he reckoned with


(nods) them being together, means they're a force of nature...

Oh yes... And she seems oddly... Entirely devoted, doesn't she?

its fairly unnatural seeming (smirks)

I know... Makes me wonder what happened there

(clears throat) ....don't ask

  • looks at him* ...What?

...forget it (walks ahead and climbs up latter to top turret)

Alright then... *follows*

(sits at chair and looks at monitor) the bottom one

  • sits down and takes a deep breath* Exactly how do these work, again?

aim and fire. the monitor will help focus on enemy craft

Right... Simple enough

.....we just wait....

  • shifts in chair and whispers to self* I will not fail this mission...

(breaths out and sits in eerie calm, looks out of viewport to stationary fleet outside)

  • glances out at fleet, then looks at Sylo and gazes silently*

(stares straight ahead) .......Snob

  • smiles* Hooligan.....

.....May the Force Be With Us....

May the Force Be With Us, indeed.... *looks ahead*

(Millennium Falcon passes by Sunfell)

(sits back in stunned silence, breathing heavily as Sunfell goes into hyperspace)

  • does the same, staring wide-eyed ahead*

(looks towards her seat) .....we did it

  • looks at him and smiles in relief* W-We did... *chuckles*

(sounds of cheering from other parts of ship)

  • shakily stands up and holds hand out to him*

(instantly kisses her)

  • makes small surprised sound, then kisses back, wrapping arms around him*

(holds her and moves head back) .....that's the Death Star... and the Emperor... gone

....he was never wise....

(looks out of viewport, ship arrives out of hyperspace, back in Death Star destruction zone. Debris hits side of Sunfell) UGH, ERRAN!



.....Then where is he taking us?

(Sunfell slowly regroups with fleet) .....ok,... ok we're good again.... where were we?

  • sighs in relief* I think... We were right about here *kisses him*

(mumbles) that's about right

...and soon.... Home.

(holds her hand and walks back to main Hallway)

I know Rebels celebrate very, VERY enthusiastically... I may want to hide *smirks slightly*

Commander Thall: (smiling slightly, approaches them) Miss Varik, Mr. Sylo. Congratulations

  • nods head* Likewise, Commander... It appears we can rest easy now

We'll be docking on the Forest Moon of Endor. The troops want to celebrate. Your both welcome to follow suit

  • looks at Arlan* ...What do you think?

Arlan: ....well, we cant be unsociable all the time (smirks)

....Fine *smirks back* 10:59

(scene change to Ewok village ST-ewokvillage.jpg )

Sylo: (looks over railing in Ewok village) ....not so good with heights

Varik: *looks around the forest* ...and I am still getting used to such terrain as this

I'm trying to decipher if these.... furry creatures have good choreography (tries to recreate the way Ewok's dance) is this working? at all?

  • watches him and tries to suppress laughter* N-No... No, not at all...

(looks over at Ewoks) i would ask them for tips.... but they cant speak basic..... also who'd have thought the X-Wing and A-Wing pilots could dance like that (smirks) Antilles and Dameron have the moves (smirks)

Well don't be expecting me to ask the furry beasts... I won't have a repeat of the last time I tried to speak to a creature that didn't speak Basic *shudders*

(snorts) i saw a Sullustan pilot around here....

DON'T... Bad memory

(nods and looks up at sky) ....its... getting dark soon

We both know what that means...

(looks around and looks at ground)'s fine (lays on ground, looking up at sky, Stars slowly beginning to be visible in sky)

  • lays down beside him and clasps his hand* So...

So..... peace.... it isn't just a dream anymore ...its.... in our grasp its here....

  • turns and tenderly strokes his face* Every battle, every hardship... Has been worth it, for this... For you...

.....for us (holds her hands and kisses her) no more death, or suffering. now its Justice and freedom.... and us

Freedom to go about our life, together... *nuzzles against him and peers up at the stars*

( )