7:53 To Bluetopia ....I am... that i am, Batgirl.... 7:54 ~Silverstream

  • squeezes eyes shut* ....I really hope you came to that conclusion BEFORE you came here

7:55 To Bluetopia

  • snorts* obviously. Look, once you realize that Bruce Wayne is Batman, then finding out the identities of everyone else is really easy....

7:56 ~Silverstream

  • opens eyes, pouting slightly* And how'd you do that? You're uh... Better than most

7:57 To Bluetopia ....ok, first i didn't just find out like that... iiiits complicated.... long story. 7:58 ~Silverstream Uh, right, ok.... *shakes head* Sorry, what was your name again? You kind of threw off my groove here... 7:59 To Bluetopia

  • raises hand* yep, and the name i gave wasn't even accurate. Covering my tracks just in case, ya know?

8:00 ~Silverstream

  • chuckles* I know what it's like to try and keep an identity a secret, yes...

8:00 To Bluetopia

  • holds out hand with genuine smile* Tim.... Tim Drake

8:02 ~Silverstream

  • gives a small smile back and shakes his hand* Nice to meet you, Tim... Sooooo *sits back* I trust you've kept your knowledge about all this to yourself?

8:03 To Bluetopia

  • raises eyebrow* what do you think i do? make a blog post saying all this stuff? .....ok, i do have a blog, but it isn't about this..... its about noir literature

8:04 ~Silverstream

  • snorts* Yeah.... Yeah you kinda had the look of a nerd as soon as I saw you *smirks*

8:05 To Bluetopia Woah.... judgey much? *looks at book* wouldnt happen to know Dick Grayson, would you? 8:05 ~Silverstream

  • folds arms* Something tells me you know I do...

8:06 To Bluetopia

  • smirks* Sorry, my bad. Just felt the need to ask..... do you know where he lives?

8:07 ~Silverstream E-yeeees, I do.... You wanting to go see him? 8:08 To Bluetopia

  • nods* ....second meeting actually

8:08 ~Silverstream Oh, what was the first? 8:08 To Bluetopia ....when i was 5.... *flips through book* 8:09 ~Silverstream

  • cranes neck to peer over top of book* Uh-Huh....

8:10 To Bluetopia

  • takes photo out of book* right here.... *shows it to her: Photo.png *

8:11 ~Silverstream

  • chuckles softly* ...The Flying Graysons

8:12 To Bluetopia

  • nods* yep.... i was there on the day they..... well i saw what happened, i was in the audience..... all i can remember was this... this monster, like a black void swooping down, and i thought he was going to hurt Dick..... but instead he... he comforted him....

8:13 ~Silverstream Bruce took him in.... Raised him from that day forward 8:15 To Bluetopia ...and when i saw news footage of Batman and Robin.... i recognized Robin's moves as the ones Dick had done in the performance.... and when i found out Bruce had adopted Dick..... well.... it isn't rocket science 8:18 ~Silverstream Not for someone who paid attention.... You're perceptive, kid. *nods at book* what else have you got in there? 8:19 To Bluetopia

  • flips through book* Here's a picture of you punching Cluemaster's lights out

8:21 ~Silverstream Ohoho my god.... How the hell did you get that? 8:22 To Bluetopia unregistered closed circuit camera.... the owners didn't install a password 8:24 ~Silverstream

  • clicks tongue* In this day and age? Best to set up extra precautions...

8:25 To Bluetopia especially in Gotham.... *flips through other page* Err, not this... 8:26 ~Silverstream

  • raises eyebrow* ....What is it?

8:26 To Bluetopia

  • picture of the Joker owned club's interior*

8:27 ~Silverstream Ohh.... Yeah, move along 8:28 To Bluetopia

  • moves to next page* Here's Dick Grayson flirting with some lady....

8:29 ~Silverstream .....Wait, when? 8:29 To Bluetopia Uhh, this was like 12 days ago 8:30 ~Silverstream

  • eye twitches, remains silent otherwise*

8:30 To Bluetopia .....Moooving on *flips page* this one is.... kind of confusing I have no idea who this person is *shows her picture of Batwoman, mostly obscured in darkness* .....this wasn't eve taken in Gotham 8:31 ~Silverstream Well no surprise there... ((Wait))

  • tilts head* Where was she there?

8:32 To Bluetopia Bludhaven..... this isn't you, right? 8:40 ~Silverstream Heh, no. My suit is much more practical 8:41 To Bluetopia Juuust checking *flips over page* Random purple hood person, again, don't know if there's any relation to the Bat guys.... 8:43 ~Silverstream

  • shakes head* Nuh-uh.... To be totally honest, we're a little short-staffed

8:44 To Bluetopia .....riiiight *flips to next page, to picture of Batman* he is 8:45 ~Silverstream

  • gingerly touches photo* ....Even I haven't seen in him so long

8:45 To Bluetopia .....why not visit him? 8:46 ~Silverstream He doesn't take kindly to visitors right now.... 8:46 To Bluetopia .......he needs someone to level him out..... 8:48 ~Silverstream

  • looks at him* .....Ever since we lost Jason, he's been getting progressively more sealed off.... He doesn't have a partner anymore

8:50 To Bluetopia .....and he needs one...... ......Dick needs to be Robin again.... 8:51 ~Silverstream

  • sighs* Dick is being.... Well, a dick. Sort of, I mean.... He has his reasons, but he's no more willing to speak to Bruce, than Bruce is to speak to him

8:52 To Bluetopia ...that's why i want to talk to him, if he knows how he inspired me, maybe he'll reconnect with Bruce..... 8:53 ~Silverstream I think..... I think it couldn't hurt. 8:53 To Bluetopia ....then where can i find him, Barbara? 8:54 ~Silverstream ...Why don't I take you to him? He might take it better if I at least drop you off... 8:54 To Bluetopia

  • nods* sure.....

8:56 ~Silverstream Then... Grab your book, let's go *stands up and grabs purse* 8:56 To Bluetopia

  • picks up book* i brought my own ride....

8:57 ~Silverstream Oh cool, what do you ride? *opens door* 8:57 To Bluetopia Bicycle... 8:58 ~Silverstream

  • smirks* ....Suuuure you don't wanna hitch a ride in my car?

8:59 To Bluetopia ....YOU HAVE A CAR? *clears throat* erm, sure.... 9:01 ~Silverstream I also have a motorbike... Take your pick.... And, come to think of it, I don't think my car has any gas, so pick carefully... 9:01 To Bluetopia .....motorbike it is do have two helmets, right? 9:04 ~Silverstream ....Nope! Welcome to the daredevil life, keep up with me *heads out of apartment and out to sidewalk where motorbike is parked. Jumps in front* 9:05 To Bluetopia

  • jumps on back* err, ok...... just because you're the Commissioners daughter, doesn't mean you're about the law...... where, where do i place my hands?

9:06 ~Silverstream

  • snorts and shoves single helmet on his head* Around my waist, and hold on tight

9:07 To Bluetopia

  • grabs onto her waist* .....tally ho

9:07 ~Silverstream ((Scene change?)) 9:08 To Bluetopia ((yep)) 9:08 ~Silverstream

  • pulls up outside Dick's apartment* Here we are.... You ready for this?

9:09 To Bluetopia

  • nods* of course..... you know, i can just go by myself

9:11 ~Silverstream If that's what you feel more comfortable with, go ahead... *turns around* And hey, Tim? 9:13 ~Silverstream If you want to stick around, after this.... You can. *takes a breath* I think you might be a gust of fresh air our little family needs. 9:13 To Bluetopia

  • slowly hugs her*'re an awesome person Barbara Gordon..... not that i had any doubt

9:14 ~Silverstream

  • chuckles and hugs back* Good luck...

9:15 To Bluetopia

  • steps off bike holding book* I'll keep in touch....

9:18 ~Silverstream

  • winks at him* You better...

9:18 To Bluetopia

  • low tone* keep fighting the good fight, Batgirl *smirks and steps back*

9:22 ~Silverstream Hah, you know it. Be sure to ask Dick for my number... K? 9:22 To Bluetopia

  • nods* of course...... and thank you....

9:27 ~Silverstream My pleasure..... Now go get 'im 9:28 To Bluetopia

  • nods briskly and turns around. Takes a deep breath and walks towards door*

9:29 ~Silverstream

  • watches him, smiling to self*