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  • ~Silverstream

    Visionarium Proposal

    October 21, 2016 by ~Silverstream

    Tim: (looks down) there's..... been something I've been meaning to ask you

    Nina: And, what's that?

    Tim: do you remember when we where in new York.... and I told you there was something I wanted to ask you before that robot showed up?

    Nina: *nods quickly* yeah?

    Tim: do.... you know what I was going to say?

    Nina: I... Think I have a pretty good idea... But say it anyway *smirks slightly*

    Tim: ....ok (gets down on one knee) Miss Nina Eileen.... will you marry me?

    Nina: *tears up* yes... Yes Timothy Keegan, I will!

    Tim: (stands up and kisses her) (whispers) it would've been weird if i was a girl when i asked anyways (smirks slightly)

    Nina: *giggles* a little... God I love you...

    Tim: (hugs her) we.... may need to go to earth for it

    Nina: What, no marriag…

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  • ~Silverstream

    11:02 ~Silverstream Kara: *in civilian clothes, waits on the roof of CatCo building* 11:03 To Bluetopia Winn: (walks onto roof from staircase) Kara, Hey... what's up? 11:04 ~Silverstream I have an absolutely ginormous favor to ask you.... 11:05 To Bluetopia (nods) sure, anything.... 11:12 ~Silverstream

    • nods and takes a deep breath* Lisa Snart, also know as the Golden Glider, is the sister of a super bad-guy named Captain Cold, she's a former ice-skater, who ran into a nasty incident with a gun that turns things into gold, which gave her the exact same abilities, plus she can fly, and she doesn't belong in this city, and the fastest man on earth, called The Flash, made a promise to her super bad-guy brother that he'd keep her safe, even thou…
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  • ~Silverstream

    Meet Georgi

    October 9, 2016 by ~Silverstream

    9:43 To Bluetopia A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far Far Away.... 9:46 ~Silverstream Georgi: *waving to crowd at the end of her concert* THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! AND REMEMBER, DON'T BE THAT PERSON TO SHOOT FIRST... Seriously, don't *chuckles and begins walking off stage* 9:46 To Bluetopia BB-V: (follows her off stage, continually chirping and beeping) 9:48 ~Silverstream

    • touches the top of BB-V's head affectionately* Come on, I could use some chilling-out... *walks to backstage room, letting BB in first*

    9:49 To Bluetopia (rolls into room, settles into corner. Replays audio of clapping through speaker) 9:51 ~Silverstream

    • chuckles and sits in front of mirror* You really get a kick out of that, don't you? *sips water*

    9:51 To Bluetopia (beeps back in …

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  • ~Silverstream

    Visionarium Finale

    October 8, 2016 by ~Silverstream

    Visionarium Finale

    6:17 To Bluetopia Timekeeper: (sitting by steps of time machine controls, in thinking pose) 6:20 ~Silverstream 9-Eye: *hovers over beside him* Heyyyy there.... 6:21 To Bluetopia (looks over) ....Hi.... you may've noticed my unusual demeanour... well i can explain it... if... your interested 6:22 ~Silverstream WELL, I got nothin' better to do...... But in all seriousness.... What's gotcha so down, tinsel-head? 6:23 To Bluetopia well.... ever since "for the good of the universe" we put that girl in another universe, I've been having dreams.... of us.... just... it wasnt us meeting, but it wasn't how we first met.... 6:24 ~Silverstream Oh.... Well, how'd we meet in the dreams? 6:26 To Bluetopia there's been variations. Us me…

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  • ~Silverstream


    October 8, 2016 by ~Silverstream

    Batman: (checks backseat of Batmobile where joker is secured and puts finger to communicator) Alfred, the Joker is secure, I'm en-route to Arkham (walks to front of Batmobile, and opens drivers seat door) 8:39 ~Silverstream Harley: *standing a small distance away, with her bat at the ready* OHHHH, B-MAAAAN! 8:40 To Bluetopia (looks around and scowls) ....Quinn 8:42 ~Silverstream Well well... *walks closer* Looks like someone's being naughty, just takin' my Puddin' from me! I don't take kindly to that, THANK YA VERY MUCH! *leaps past him, on top of the Batmobile* COME ON BATS, COME AN' GET ME! 8:43 To Bluetopia Get down. I don't want to have to hurt you.... 8:45 ~Silverstream Yeaaaaah... That ain't gonna happen. BONSAI! *jumps atop his shou…

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