Death: (standing invisible to everyone except baby, looking over crib in hospital) Hello there. Welcome to the Universe. I notice your not crying, most newbies do. Thank you for not doing that, It really raises my self esteem (grins) Funny how your here. How Destiny put you here at this moment, at this time. Not a bad time at all when you think about it. (looks over to parents) they're so proud of you, even the bloke. I'm not one to make assumptions, but i think things are going to go great for you. Great time, Great place, Great universe you've been placed in, great times ahead. I'll even give my brother a hint so you can have some really sweet dreams. We'll meet again someday. You wont remember me, but i'll never forget you. I never forget anyone, shows how much of a great friend i am doesn't it? (grins again) So until then, i'll be seeing you.... (looks around at Parents talking) I'll be seeing you Stephanie.....

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