? - The Endless are brought into existence.

? - The Universe is brought into existence by the Presence.

? - Samael leaves Heaven in an act of free will, in turn becoming the ruler of Hell and is renamed Lucifer Morningstar.

? - The Amazon female warriors leave "Man's World" for life in Themyscira. 1916 - Dream of the Endless is summoned and imprisoned by the Order of Ancient Mysteries at Wych Cross, England.

1939 - The Justice Society of America are formed.

1976 - Bruce Wayne is Born.

1981 - John Constantine is born.

1982 - Kal-El is born on doomed planet Krypton, and is sent to Earth.

1985 - The "New York Incident" occurs, where a bomb is dropped, destroying a portion of the city and killing tens of thousands of people.

1986 - James Gordon and Barbara Kean first meet.

1988 - Dream of the Endless is released from captivity.

1989 - Thomas and Martha Wayne are killed in front of Young Bruce.

1989 - Barry Allen is born.

1996 - the Batman begins to be sighted in Gotham City.

2000 - Dick Grayson is inducted as the first Robin.

2003 - Barbara Gordon joins the Batfamily as Batgirl.

2005 - Dick Grayson quits being Robin - Becomes Nightwing.

2006 - Jason Todd joined the Batfamily as the new Robin.

2007 - Jason Todd is killed by the Joker.

2008 - Barbara Gordon is shot by the Joker, crippling her.

2014 - Barry Allen is struck by a freak lightning bolt, and becomes the superhero "The Flash".

2014- Harleen Quinzel becomes the therapist of the Joker, and subsequently falls in love with him, turning into the criminal "Harley Quinn".

2015 - Barbara Gordon regains use of her legs.

2016 - Billionaire Lex Luthor orchestrates a plot which pits Batman against Superman, with the two resolving their differences when they find out how Luthor has been manipulating them.

2999 - The Legion of Superheroes is founded.