In the year 2999, on a shuttle bound for the planet Earth departing from Space-Colony Braal, three teenagers first meet. Garth Ranzz gifted with the power of Lightening conduction, Rokk Krinn with his naturally obtained power of magnetism and Imra Ardeen with her naturally obtained telepathic abilities all sit near to other on board the shuttle.

When the Galactic terrorist group The Dark Circle attack the Shuttle in the name of their mission (destroying the United Planets; the government body of the Galaxy), the three teenager’s team together to defeat the criminals, saving all those on board.

After realizing their shared inspiration, the near-thousand year old hero Superman, the trio decide to form a galaxy league for young heroes who share their ideals. After funding from the United Planets, they name the team the “Legion of Superheroes”. The Legion welcomed any super powered teen who wished to join, and recruited many individuals such as: Triplicate Girl, Brainiac 5, Shrinking Violet, Phantom Girl, Star Boy, Matter Eater Lad, and Dream-Girl.

All Legion members are equipped with a Legion Flight Ring, which is made out of the compound Valorium, which has anti-gravity capabilities, allowing flight. Using these, and the galaxy spanning databanks of their headquarters, the Legion fight all manner of criminals in the name of Truth of and Justice, such as The Time Trapper, Infinite man, the Cyborg Warlords “The Blight”, Chamelion Chief and the Manhunters.